Hounds Of Hate - Purple Stuff 12" (HTOHL)

from Quântica

Limited to 300 copies colored (purple) 12" vinyl edition.

"Psychedelic acid/electro house smarts from Jay Wiggin aka Hounds Of Hate, backed with remixes by Photonz, Timothy J Fairplay, and Zoda Cade. HoH plays slow and fugged-up with the codeine-soaked swagger of 'Purple Stuff', all cheap drum machine toms and wooziest Hype Williams-style synth blurs with a chorus of chiming synthetic voices. Photonz boost the energy levels with a dose of their hand-crafted swing and some ace pads in the 2nd half whereas Timothy J Fairplay takes it on an even keel reminding of Legowelt at his druggiest, and Zoda Cade jack on a raw and acid-eaten slompbeat." BOOMKAT

Listen ~> soundcloud.com/zntn/sets/hounds-of-hate

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